A simple thoughtful gift was the birth of iHorns, but its story starts more than 100 years ago with the brightest scientific minds who developed the horn theories of sound amplification.  As an art form, iHorns step outside traditional artistic expression to incorporate STEM and Social Sciences to create a multidisciplinary form of functional art.


         iHorns are built to last, often made from a foundational pieces which have already demonstrated longevity.  Each piece is hand crafted and one of a kind.  While modern in application, the patina of time is unaltered reflecting the wisdom and beauty of age.  Melody is inherently synergistic as it is a combination of single notes which is perceived as a single entity, and it is that melodic synergy which is embodied in every iHorn.


         The first iHorn was a hand-made gift, evolving over time into a form of art as a unique expression of physics, history, and creativity.  This simple gift grew into a form of expression allowing for an expansion of curiosity and interest, from the pragmatism of business to the self-expression of art. 

Frank is a husband, father, grandfather and friend.  He believes in hard work, trying your best, and serving others.  The fullness and success of life is measured by love. 

So thank you for stepping into this window which informs the future by revealing the past.  I am happy to journey together.

- Frank