American Bank Lock

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The American Bank Lock iHorn is made from an American Bank Protection Co., banker’s lock made circa 1910.  This baby is locked and loaded.  However, you define “IT”, the American Bank Lock has it in spades!.

American Bank Protection Co. was a major alarm system maker at the end of the nineteenth century.  In effect, the American Bank lock utilized a timer which disarmed the bank alarm in preset times, making 24 hour bank robbing less likely because of the resulting alarm trigger and notification of those who might catch you in the act.  To make these bank locks work, American Bank Protection Co. turned to Seth Thomas, the famous watch maker for produce the timing device which made its movement.  This style of locking device was most frequently mounted in pairs in an elaborate wooden control panel which also housed the direct current batteries that powered the alarm system. 

In life, we safeguard that which we hold most precious.  The American Bank Lock does just exactly that.