Amplion Radiolux

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The Amplion Radiolux iHorn is made from an extremely rare Amplion folded metal horn speaker.  Most likely, this horn was made in 1925 and was contained inside a cabinet serving as the horn speaker.  It originally sold for 4£. 

In the Queensland Radio New on Friday, October 1, 1926, the Radiolux advertisement stated:

“The beauty and simplicity of design that distinguishes the Radiolux Amplion as apart from any other type of loudspeaker, is only equalled by the pure, brilliant tone, and matchless harmony of its reproduction.”

Amplion radio horns were manufactured by Alfred Graham & Co.  The company was formed in 1884.  In its early years, it offered a range of naval telephone loudspeakers as well as telephone switchboard.  By the 1920s, it have moved into automotive with Graham Electrical Autohorn.  But World War II was the demise of the company as it was struck of the register of companies in 1939.

Amplion got it right.  The Amplion Radiolux did not falsely advertise or boast.  Its beauty and simplicity sets it apart and its reproduction is pure, brilliant and matchless.