Aristo Timer

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The Aristo Timer iHORN is made from a vintage Aristo Sports Timer.  It remains fully functional. The timer was made in the 1950’s.

The first known time with an auto timing device in the Olympic Games was in the steeplechase in 1928, won by Loukola in 9:21.60 (9:21 4/5 official hand time). The device used was the Löbner camera-timer.The Phototimer was the first automatic timing device to be used in competitive sports.  It was used extensively in North America, including at the 1948 US Olympic trials. The Bulova device was activated by the sound of the starting gun firing, rather than by a direct connection, which means that the times were around 0.02 seconds faster than reality.   The 1948 Olympics, however, continued to use Omega timing with a device called the 'Magic Eye', developed by British Race Finish Recording Co. Ltd.  The automatic times produced in the 1948 Olympics have never been released, but examination of the photos at the finish means that margins have been calculated to 1/100 second accuracy.

            Regardless of the method, timing races and athletic events remains extremely important today.  From Derby finishes to fractions of a second to decide an NBA finals game, while size may not, time continues to matter.  So on your mark, get set, and GO!!!!  But remember, as you hustle through everyday, take a little time for yourself.