Armin Trosser

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The Armin Trosser iHorn is made form a vintage Armin Trosser German coffee grinder coupled with a vintage fox hunting horn.  Armin Trosser, a German company, made coffee mills from 1930s through the 1950s.  It is made from Beech hardwood, native to Europe, which does not splinter.  The Delft iHorn is the pride of the kitchen, usable as a beautiful decoration, collectors item, to grind your coffee beans just the way you want, and of course, to listen to the music which may be the best part of waking up. Coffee is big business -a $18,000,000,000 industry. The Armin Trosser is a beautiful symbol of that industry, our morning tastes and habits and of a culture which celebrates peace and pastoral dignity.  So while you are enjoying your morning brew, do so while listening to the creamy sounds of The Armin Trosser iHorn.