Baldwin Concert

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The Baldwin Concert iHORN is locally made and a survivor of Utah’s original “high-tec” industry.  It is a rubber horn with an art deco paint scheme which was original to the horn and is immaculate.  Many people do not know that Nathaniel Baldwin, a pioneer in both tube radio speakers and the inventor of head phones was a Utahan who employed over 150 people in his Millcreek manufacturing plant which while transformed into art space and uses still stands today.  The Baldwin Concert iHORN was made in 1923 and listed for $25.00.  If adjusted for inflation, with a cumulative rate of inflation of 1632.6%, the list price today would be $433.15.  The Baldwin Radio Factory was located Millcreek, Utah. Utah Radio Products Company, which was known as “Utah” was a pioneer in the industry of manufacturing loudspeakers, transmitters and transformers from the mid-1920’s on. 

The Baldwin Concert iHORN blends the beauty of the old with the technological advances of the new, to produce a beautiful sound which is locally grown and made.  This one of a kind iHORN is a true piece of Utah history.