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The Baritone iHorn is made from an vintage Baritone Horn, whose age and origin are unknown.  Regardless, its speaks of the passing of periods of time.  The baritone horn, sometimes called baritone, is a low-pitched brass instrument in the saxhorn family.  It is a piston-valve brass instrument with a bore that is mostly conical, like the higher pitched flugelhorn and alto (tenor) horn, but it has a narrower bore compared to the similarly pitched euphonium. It uses a wide-rimmed cup mouthpiece like that of its peers, the trombone and euphonium. Like the trombone and the euphonium, the baritone horn can be considered either a transposing or non-transposing instrument.

 Regardless, the The Baritone iHorn is a statement piece.  When in your home, it will be a focal point of visual and auditory acuity.  It will stand tall and proud.  The Baritone’s voice balances the highs and lows which mark both music and life.  It is in fact, sweet voiced.