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The Beacon iHORN is made from a World War II Navy Battle Lantern made by Beacon Lamp of Boston.  It has been hard wired for use as a lamp in addition to being an iHorns.  It is coupled with an antique gooseneck oil and gas funnel.  The bracket on the back was designed to hang the light on the ship’s bulkhead so that it was easily accessible to the troops during battle.  When operable, the lantern through a beam of light 500 feet.  Continued in use through the end of the Korean War, they were then sold as military surplus.  The horn is an early oil and gas gooseneck funnel.  Manufacturing techniques of early oil and gas were like its progeny, crude.  These funnels captured solids from the oil and gas to protect the motor from harmful semi-solids. The Beacon iHorn is a symbol of freedom and America’s role as a protector of the underdog.   It shines on our responsibility to insure human rights throughout the world, like a pillar of light which protects against man’s inhumanity to man.