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The Berko  iHORN is made from a 1928 Berko Lautsprecher.  It was made in Germany pre-World War II.  It was purchased at an auction in Germany.  It therefore spent its entire life in Germany, surviving the holocaust and the Allied invasion.  It escaped death and destruction to grace us today. 

 It originally sold for 26 Reichsmarks.  While exact information from 1928 is not available, in 1939 the exchange rate was 2.50 reichsmarks for $1.00 US dollar.  This means that each reichsmark was worth 40 cents.  So if we calculate the exchange rate, 26 reichmarks would have equaled $10.40 in 1939.  If we adjust that number of inflation, today that would equate to $166.38 and a cumulative inflation rate of 1499.8%!

The Berko is a one of a kind iHorn.  It is in all respects classic and timeless.  Nonetheless, the world must never forget the Holocaust and must always protect the vulnerable.