Music Master Box

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The Music Master Box is iHORN made with a Music Master VIII reproducer speaker with a folded interior horn, producing a rich and deep sound.  While not as visually dramatic as upright radio horns, The Music Master Box iHorn is one of the best sounding iHorns.  This was made in 1925 which is just shy of making it a centurian. 

The Music Master Box  originally sold for $35.00, which adjusted for inflation equates to $520.78 in today’s dollars or a cumulative inflation rate of 1387.9%.  But put into perspective, the average 1925 American worker earned an annual income of $1,303.00, with a monthly income of $108.58, which equates to an hourly rate (assuming a 40 hour work week)  earned  of 63 ¢per hour.  In 1925, 19% of American households had a radio, because the cost of just the speaker (not the radio) equaled 32% of their monthly income.  Truly a luxury. 

Music Master Corporation was founded in April, 1922 as “General Radio Corporation,” who changed its name to “Music Master Corporation” in February, 1924.  The Company went into receivership in 1926.  It literally had a four (4) year run.      

Despite its compact appearance, The Music Master Box  is the master of both amplitude and quality.