Brown H 2

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The H2  iHorns may well be one of the rarest iHorn ever made.  This horn came from Great Britain and was manufactured by S.G. Brown, Ltd in 1922-1923.  It is a model H2.  It is an aluminum horn, with a metal base.  In the Brown catalog, S.G. Brown said of this horn, "Designed to reproduce the human voice or music without trace of distortion..."  The metal base and neck are cast aluminum.  Nearly all S.G. Brown horns state “Brown” somewhere on the horn or base.  It is both the quality of the craftsmanship, coupled with the rarity of the inscription which makes this horn so rare and valuable.  Sidney George Brown, the founder, was a prolific inventor of electromechanical devices, including the well known "A" headphones, the "Microphone Amplifier" and a gyro compass. The company also made loudspeakers and radios. In 1906 he founded Telegraph Condenser Co and in 1910 he set up a business under his own name: S.G. Brown Ltd. The H2 iHorn is so unique and rare that a second one will most certainly never be made.  It’s lineage is royal, its sound palacial.