Brown H3

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The Brown H3 iHorn is made from a Brown Radio Horn made in 1925 by the S.G. Brown Company in London, England.  It is dynamic and classic in its appearance, yet small and manageable.  S. G. Brown Ltd was established in 1903 by British engineer Sidney George Brown, to manufacture scientific instruments.  It began to make one of its best know products, the gyroscopic compass, during World War I. The company also supplied thousands of its 'Type A' headphones during World War I.  From the advent of radio broadcasting, the company made headphones, radios, amplifying devices and loudspeakers for the domestic market.  When World War II started, the British Admiralty financed an extension to the factory which the company ran on the Admiralty's behalf. By 1940, relations between the company and the Admiralty had become strained. The reason for the deterioration in the relations between the company and the Admiralty was a conflict over war-time priorities and the unwillingness of the company to carry out the Admiralty's wishes. At the end of the war, the Labour Government retained control because of the importance of gyroscopic instruments in the development of postwar defense programs.  It was the beginning of the end.  Ultimately several buyouts and mergers occurred and S.G. Brown Ltd. Is now Teledyne TSS International. 
The Brown H3 iHorn is royal and majestic-a coronation.  It presents a mannerly appearance, with decorum and pageantry.