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The Brunet iHorn is made from a 1926 French Brunet radio horn made by Brunet & Cie, Éts. Brunet in Paris.  The importance of radio transmission in Europe cannot be under stated.  The history of radio starts in 1899 when Italian Gugliermo Marconi establishes a radio connection between England and France.  News is broadcast for the very first time by Radio Tour Eiffel on 3 November 1925.  However, its real import flourishes during WWII.  On 4 June 1939 Radio Normandie starts broadcasting. In January 1940 commercial Radio Normandie ceases broadcasting due to financial problems. The transmitter is then used for unofficial foreign broadcasts of the Austrian freedom station.  It was through the radio that the German invasion was broadcast to Europe.  Radio stations were of such import to resistance that when the Germans occupied any place, they immediately took control and most frequently destroyed the transmitters cutting off communication links.  Those transmitters that survived were used by the underground to assist in the war effort. 

The Brunet iHorn was part of that important communication link.  It survived German invasion and occupation to receive messages of freedom.  It is a symbol of the better part of humanity.