The Philco 826

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The Philco 826 is iHORN made with a Philco car radio manufactured in 1937 which is in pristine condition.  It includes the original tuning head.  It is coupled with a Grover air horn. These horns were used on emergency vehicles and nautical applications. 

            The history of Philco auto radios can be traced back to the Automobile Radio Corporation, which was formed in 1927 by C. Russell Feldman to produce Transitone radios for installation in automobiles.  William M. Heina of The Bronx, New York, was a prolific inventor. He formed his own company, the Heina Radio Corporation, prior to the beginnings of Automobile Radio Corporation. In 1926, Heina applied for a patent for the use of a radio in the dashboard of an automobile, along with a loop antenna in the roof of the car. The patent was granted April 26, 1927. Heina's company was acquired by the Automobile Radio Corporation in 1927.  Philco ultimately acquired ARC and began marketing radios under the Philco brand. 

            Mid-sized but mighty.  Well worn but time tested.  The Philco 826 is the master of both amplitude and quality.  It is a marvel and beautiful to behold.