Chevrolet Master Original

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The Chevrolet Master Original  iHORN is made from a 1938 Chevrolet Master Original instrument cluster.  Like a rock, The Chevrolet iHORN is iconic.  Like the 1929 Chevrolet ad campaign said, “Eye it. Try it. Buy it!"

In November 1911 in Detroit, Michigan, road racer Louis Chevrolet and General Motors founder Billy Durant created Chevrolet. In the century since then, the brand has come to embody the best of American automobile ingenuity, giving customers the quality they want and the value they need.  One year after is founding, Chevrolet sold 2,999 vehicles and held a 1% market share.  Since it was founded on Nov. 3, 1911, Chevrolet has produced more than 200 million cars and trucks. At the time of its founding a century ago, 270 American automotive brands existed. Today, only four of those survive: Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac and Ford.

The Chevrolet Master Original  iHORN is for the automobile enthusiast who has an appreciation for the history of American automotive manufacturing and a flare for the vintage.  Each component is automotive, strong and melodic.  Like A Rock . . . we each are a Master Original!