Copper Strainer Funnel

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The Copper Funnel iHorn is made from an antique copper funnel, probably from the prohibition era.  Originally, the funnel contained a spring loaded stopper and strainer, which seems to indicate an intermittent use, for activities such as putting oil in a vehicle.  The funnel could be filled with oil, but would not drain until the stopper was raised through the thumb control.  In addition, the strainer would strain out the solids which were common place in both early oil and gasoline.  Copper funnels were not common place and used only in the highest end operations.  The Copper Funnel iHorn is a simple yet effective tool, its patina and functionality work as well today as when it was first made.  Regardless of its age, The Copper Funnel iHorn is remarkable in simplicity and grace, reminding us that the heart of a home is usually found in the kitchen.