Crosley Fiver Roamio

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The Crosley Fiver Roamio iHorn is made from an exceptional and rare 1937 Crosley Fiver Roamio automobile radio coupled with a Grover Products Co. air horn.  Grover Products was founded in 1937.  The exact age of the horn cannot be determined.  Together, they demonstrate American automobilia ingenuity They are spectacular.

 The Crosley Manufacturing Corp., founded by Powel Crosley Jr. of Cincinnati, Ohio, began selling low cost "Harko" crystal receivers for $7 in 1921. In early 1923, Crosley bought another Cincinnati radio company, the Precision Equipment Co., which had been incorporated in 1919 and selling regenerative receivers under the "Ace" brand under license from Armstrong. He integrated it in 1924.  Once in control of an Armstrong license, Crosley renamed the combined company the Crosley Radio Corp. in 1924 and purchased a large manufacturing plant which he equipped to produce 5000 radios per day, including on-site manufacture of many of the basic components as well as the cabinets. Crosley borrowed low-cost high-volume manufacturing concepts from the automotive industry, which earned him the title of "The Henry Ford of Radio."  The Crosley Fiver Roamio originally sold for $19.99, which if adjusted for inflation today would cost $363.31 with a cumulative inflation rate of 1716.5%.  Crosley was out of business by 1956. 

 Mid-sized but mighty.  Well worn but time tested.  The Crosley Fiver Roamio is the master of both amplitude and quality.  It is a marvel and beautiful to behold.