Dietz Lantern

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The Dietz iHorn is made from an antique Dietz carriage light. It is embossed "DIETZ  JAN. 20-07 & PATENT APPD. FOR CHAMPION STEEL LAMP  NEW YORK  U.S. A."  Thus, The Dietz is 110 years old.

Robert Edwin Dietz first began selling whale oil and camphene lamps and lanterns in 1840 at the age of 22.  Robert and his brother Michael patented the first practical flat wick burner especially designed for the then new fuel oil, kerosene, in 1859.  The following decade Robert sold his interest in "Dietz & Company" to begin manufacturing "Irwin Patent" tubular lanterns after buying the defunct Archer and Pancoast Company from a receiver in 1868.  Since that time the R.E. Dietz Company manufactured hundreds of lantern models, and pioneered the automotive lighting industry. 

 The Dietz is a symbol of movement, growth and endurance.