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The Enunciator  iHorn is from an early public address speaker made by the Automatic Electric Company in Chicago, Illinois probably in approximately 1919.  The Enunciator was probably used either in a hospital or office setting, based on its size. 

In 1910, Auomatic Electric which was already making telephone switchboards, developed a loudspeaker.  In June of 1910, a semi public demonstration was presented to reports where an announcement was broadcast through a dozen locations all over the building.  In August 0f 1912, Automatic Enunciator Company installed a large outdoor installation of 72 speakers for a water carnival put on by a local yacht club.  In 1913, this loudspeaker systems hit the big leagues when they were installed in Comiskey Park, to make announcements and to provide musical interludes, with Charles A. Comiskey quoted as saying: "The day of the megaphone man has passed at our park."

The Enunciator iHorn is meant to address you, to keep you both informed and entertained.