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The Ethovox iHorn is a big bell radio horn made in England in 1924.  It is a   Ethovox model RL2/20 made by Burndept Ltd. London.   The well established Burnham & Co. had a wireless department, which became a separate entity when Witt Burnham established Burndept Ltd. as a private company.  Ethophone was the popular name for a number of models.  In 1925 they became a public company: Burndept Wireless Ltd. which later ran into financial problems, and was forced into receivership in June 1927.  However, the receiver did not liquidate the company, but instead shifted its manufacturing focuses turning the company around into profitability.  “Ethos” is a Greek word which means character and “vox” means voice.  Thus, today, like when it originated, the Ethovox iHorn has a character voice, unique and pleasing.