Fog Horn

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The Fog Horn  iHorn is made from a vintage Tyfon bellows fog horn.  The horn was made in Sweden in approximately 1910.  A foghorn is a device used to sound warnings to vehicles of navigational hazards, such as rocky coastlines, or boats in the presence of other vessels.  Fog horns have been used for hundreds of years.  At some lighthouses, they employed small cannons as warning devices.  The Fog Horn iHorn will not explode.  Yet the Fog Horn is the subject of educational and literary marvel.  Jennifer Lucy Allan was awarded a PhD by the University of Arts Lond in 2019 for her thesis on Fog Tropes:  A Social and Cultural History of the Foghorn and her subsequently published book “The Foghorn’s Lament:  The Disappearing Music of the Coast.”  With the Fog Horn iHorn, you will neither lament nor have a disappearance of music.  Just sit back and coast.