Gateway Sewing Machine

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The Gateway iHORN is made from a vintage hand sewing machine made between the late 1940’s to the early 1950’s.  It was manufactured by Gateway Engineering Company of Chicago, Illinois.  Gateway Engineering was a company who was involved in the “real steel” game including steel reinforced contract and was involved in many major constructions projects in the Midwest.  Yet The Gateway was this company’s endeavor as manufacturing diversification.  There advertising said it all:

“A precision machine that will work effectively for years,”  


“Every girl will want one to make dolly’s wardrobe, bedding, etc. Teaches the important rudiments of sewing. Made of all metal, finished in shining nickel and bright colors of non-chipping enamel to look just like Mother’s. Uses standard spool thread No. 30. Easy self-feeding to train small hands to stitch a neat seam.”

And they originally sold for $3.00!!!!!!

The Gateway iHorn honors the craft of sewing – a noble pass time which clothes the world.