Gold Amplitone

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The Amplitone iHORN  is made from an early 1900s Crytal Radio headset amplifying horn. 

The horn is an early King Amplitone Co. Crystal Radio headset amplifying horn called the “Am-Pli-Tone.”  King Amplitone Co. was a New York based company which ceased to exist by 1925.  Therefore, this horn is pre-1925, although the exact date of origin cannot be determined.  Weak Crystal Radio signals received through “headsets” were amplified by attaching the ear piece speakers to the Horn for increased volume. 

The Amplitone  iHorn represents an era of American ingenuity and the ability to change with the times, in fields of manufacturing and technology.  It is nostalgia at its best!  Headphones became a shared experience which brought people together rather than isolated us in singular sound.