Holtzer Cabot

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The Holtzer-Cabot iHorn is made from a 1925 Holtzer-Cabot National loudspeaker.  The Holtzer -Cabot Electric Company operated in Boston, Mass.  The horn is aluminum and produces a mellow amplification which will rock your world.  The Holtzer-Cabot iHorn comes with a copy of the advertisement for the speaker.  In 1925 it sold for $12.00, at a time when the average hourly pay was $1.09 for an average gross monthly wage of $174.00.  Adjusted for inflation, the original purchase price equates to $166.52 or a cumulative inflation rate of 1287.7%.   

Charles Holzter founded the company as "Holtzer Co."  in 1875 manufacturing simple electrical devices such as doorbells and electric igniters. Cabot joined the business in 1889 and the name was changed to "Holtzer-Cabot.  In 1891, the company built an electric car that sat four people and moved approximately 16 MPH. It was the first to feature a steering wheel, and is known as the first successful electric vehicle in America.  The company continued to branch out, making telephone/telegraph-related products, clocks, and fire alarm systems. Like so many manufacturing companies, World War II was the beginning of the end retooling to be part of the War machine and seeking to adjust to a new market which emerged from the war.  In 1972, the company officially closed its doors.

The Holtzer-Cabot iHorn speaks from experience.  “By comparision, let your own ear by the judge, let your eye rest on the beauty of the line, and let your judgment decide the security that this half century of stability lend to your purchase.”