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The Homebrew  iHorn is an interesting little diddy which is a handcrafted hydrid.  The horn is a Stewart Warner horn.  It is made of a wood composite slurry which was modeled into its form.   The base is a hand crafted wooden box which is built somewhere in Texas.  I can only assume some dust bowl farmer who couldn’t afford store bought but was able to purchase the horn put together this piece for his family’s diversion and enjoyment. 

The Homebrew  Stewart Warner horn was made most probably in 1925 to 1927.  The Stewart-Warner Corp. began as the Stewart and Clark Co., founded by John Stewart, and made automotive parts, particularly speedometers.  Radio production began in 1925, and to support its radio products, Stewart-Warner bought the O&T tube factory in New York City, which had previously made Silvertone tubes.  Although its tube manufacturing business was not very successful, Stewart-Warner was building radios at the rate of 1,000 units per day by 1926.  In addition to automotive parts, radios, and TVs, Stewart-Warner also produced refrigerators for a time. 

            Truth in advertising, the tonal quality of The Homebrew iHorn is unparalleled.  Just a couple of years shy of being a centurian,  The Homebrew iHorn tells tales of a long life which has survived the Great Depression, World Wars, the Sixties, Civil Rights Movements, and still is able to speak with a grace and strength which is American endurance and fortitude.

The Homebrew iHorn reminds me that grit is perhaps the single most important characteristic.  It is the lesson that brick walls are not intended to preclude anyone from accomplishing an outcome, but rather they are to test your determination to do so.