Homebrew II

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The Homebrew II  iHorn is an interesting little diddy which is a handcrafted hydrid.  The horn is a Western Electric 2C horn.  The base is a Jewett Radio and Phonograph Company horn driver base.  Together, they are one of a kind home cooking.

The Western Electric 2C horn was made in 1925.  In 1907/08 the laboratories of the 'American Telegraph and Telephone Co.' (AT&T) in Boston and the 'Western Electric Company Inc.' in New York and Chicago was decided to be consolidated into the New York building of the 'Western Electric Company Inc.' on the corner Bethune Street/West Street. Both laboratories was supervised by the 'Western Electric Company Inc.', but both of the companies remained individual in commercial, development and patent activities.Western Electric electrified the home through diversity.  Its advertising in the early  1920s reflected that diversity from toasters to telephones – Western Electric was your one stop modernization stop, moving the household into part of the industrial revolution.

The base was made by Jewett Radio and Phonograph Company in 1924.  Jewett Radio & Phonograph Co. of Pontiac, Michigan was the original owner of WJR Radio in Detroit, Michigan.  Today, it continues to broadcast as a clear channel which can be heard throughout Michigan and into Canada. It’s advertising is “There is no substitute for the best.”

The Homebrew II iHorn reminds me that grit is perhaps the single most important characteristic.  It is the lesson that brick walls are not intended to preclude anyone from accomplishing an outcome, but rather they are to test your determination to do so.