Inter Ocean

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The Inter Ocean  iHorn is a made from a fiber board radio horn and metal base.  It was made between 1904 and approximately 1910.

Inter Ocean was the radio horn brand for Electro Importing Company which was located in New York City in the early 1900’s having been founded in 1904.  Its primary focus was on Wireless Telegraph transmission making simple and relatively inexpensive receiver and transmitter sets.  This company had two retail stores known as the E.I. Company, and was founded by Hugo Gernsback, who wrote his own catalogues, such as Modern Eletrics, publishing many technical articles and books.  He ultimately became an editor of science fiction based stories. 

The Inter Ocean is a story teller of technology and the import of communication, which bridged wide open spaces and connected people both inter and intra continentally.  Its sounds is as rich and deep at the oceans from which it received its name.