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The Interphone iHorn is made from a Western Electric Interphone which was made in 1915.  The Interphone was part of a residential intercom system, which was installed into the wall.  It originally sold for approximately $9.00.  The Interphone was advertised as a toll to “Manage Your Home With.”  Advertisting materials stated,

With an Interphone System in your home, you can telephone your instructions direct to the kitchen or to any other room in the house.  You can avoid stair climbing and needless walking from room to room.  Simply push a button on the nearest Interphone and talk.  Convenient?  You’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

Western Electric was founded in 1872 and was the subject of many corporate stock takeovers during the course of its history which ended in 1984 when it was divided up into various divisions of what is now known as A, T, & T.

The Interphone was clearly a tool for those with the lifestyle of the rich and famous.  Any well appointed house must have included an Interphone.  So waste no more steps, just push a button and talk.