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The Kellogg iHorn is made from a Kellogg bar crank telephone, which is all original, coupled with an antique funnel horn. 

The Kellogg Switchboard and Supply Company was founded in 1897 by Milo G. Kellogg after Alexander Graham Bell's telephone patents expired in 1893 and 1894. The company competed with Western Electric and the Bell System before being absorbed into ITT in 1951.  Kellogg was a voracious inventor, with about 150 patents to his name (125 of them were granted on October 17, 1899).   Kellogg’s standard, single-box phones followed and were produced until the early 1920s.   This particular phone was in service and inspected in 1929. 

The Kellogg is subtle and beautiful, yet a functional curiosity.  It can stand alone or be wall mounted.  So dock your phone and let its charm envelope you.