Magnavox M1A

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The Magnavox M-1 A iHorn is made from a Magnavox Radio Horn which was driven by its M-1 driver.  It was made in 1924, originally sold for $35.00. The mottled copper finish is to die for!!!!!
In 1910 Magnavox started as "Commercial Wireless & Development Company" at Napa, California. In 1915, Magnavox put a horn to their "telephone receiver with moving-coil system" and then used it as a "Fog-Horn" for the local baseball park.  It was called the “Magna Vox” which was latin for “Great Voice.” In 1917, the Company changed its name to Magnavox. Appropriately, the Magnavox logo is the lion head roaring.  The M-1 A is a product of the roaring twenties.  The Roaring 20s was a period of sustained economic prosperity with a distinctive cultural edge in the United States.  The decade was known as the Crazy Years.  It was the an era emphasizing social, artistic and cultural dynamism. 
The Magnavox M-1 A is a wonderful piece which represents it era to perfection.  No longer a youthful flapper, it remains in the height of fashion.  So sit back and enjoy a period which revolutionized the world.