The Astatic

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The Astatic iHorn is made from an astatic microphone.  The perfect office desk model.  This bullet type short wave microphone is of unknown age.

Astatic microphones are said to be an idea that grew into an industry.  Dissatisfied with the current microphones in short wave use, in 1930, two short wave radio operators put their minds together with invent a better microphone.  The result was the astatic microphone.  Introduced in 1933, the Astatic model D-104 became known for its high frequency response that contributed to better communications audio quality.  The original Astatic model JT-30 is one of the most popular microphones for blues harp players. Today, the model is sold as the Hohner 1490 Blues Blaster.  With the growth of digital audio and the computer age, the production of astatic microphones ceased in 2001.

Today, it is vintage or the highway, and the astatic microphone is sought after by musicians and hobbyists alike.  The Astatic iHorn clearly let’s you be heard.