Motorola 408

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The Motorola 408 iHorn is made from a Motorola 1946 Model 408 car radio with control head and a Victrola Amberola series horn.  Paul Galvin, owner of Galvin Manufacturing Corporation, a battery manufacturer who made a device that allowed radios to run on household current. In the 1930's the big radio companies all ended in "ola" so Galvin, who was then moving into making automobile radios, changed the name of his company to Motorola.  1950’s was a post World War II explosion of automobile production and sales with almost 58,000,000 automobiles produced and sold, compared to a total U.S. population of only 179, 323,175! 

The horn is a 1940’s Jubilee horn.  These horns had a smaller snail horn attached to them in order to create a two tone sound when engaged. 

Hope and prosperity, combined with sock hops and drive inn movies flourished as America’s passion for life twisted the night away.  So, rock the road with The Motorola 408 iHorn!