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The Murdock iHORN is made from a William J. Murdock Co. Murdock 500 radio horn which was made between 1921-1924. The company was founded in 1896 in Chelsea, Massachusetts, making radios and radio horns during the 1920’s ultimately closing its doors in 1985.  Murdock was a marketing genius and opted to pursue volume by selling this horn originally for $5.00.  This meant it was affordable for the average worker, boosting sales and increasing market share.  In addition, he utilized tele-megaphones for horns, which was an integral part of telephone amplification and already in use with telephones, keeping manufacturing costs low permitting Murdock to pass the savings onto the consumer.  

The Murdock is a one of a kind iHorn.  No other such iHorn has ever been previously made.  The Murdock is an iHorn for the working class.