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The Musette iHorn is made from a 1925  Herbert H. Frost loudspeaker.  Located in Chicago, Herbert H. Frost, Inc. was a diversified company motivated by profit.  Frost was best known as the manufacturer and reseller of "Frost Fones" and radio parts like tube sockets and loose couplers in the 1920s.  Like so many companies, diversity was the key to longevity, and Frost was not different, holding a subsidy called "Coin Devices Inc." which made and set up coin operated radios in hotels. Frost was so good at marketing that his company was retained in 1932 as the sales division of "CTSC" Chicago Telephone Supply Co. selling their potentiometers.  The Musette iHorn is sassy and stylish.  It is beautiful and functional.  It defined an era.