Nash Statesman

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The Nash Statesman iHORN is made from a 1951 Nash Statesmand instrument cluster with a small fox hunting horn.  Nash Motors was founded in 1916 by former General Motors president Charles W. Nash.   Nash's slogan from the late 1920s and 1930s was "Give the customer more than he has paid for" and the cars lived up to it.  The Nash was a success among consumers that meant for the company "selling for a long time has been 100% a production problem... month after month all the cars that could be produced were sold before they left the factory floor."  The Nash Statesman was a full-sized automobile that was built by Nash Motors for the 1950 through 1956 model years in two generations.  They sold for about $2,100.00 The Statesman series was positioned between the top-line Nash Ambassador and above the Nash Rambler.

The Nash Statesman iHorn is a wonderful example of design and innovation.  It is a risk reward analysis with the reward being a product that lived up to the founder’s expectation of giving people what they paid for.