Newcombe Hawley Drum

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The Newcombe Hawley Drum iHorn is made from an Newcombe Hawley Drum Speaker which was made in 1928 and 1929.  Newcombe Hawley Drum speakers contain wonderful folded pressed wood horns which produce an amazing volume and tonal quality.  Mr. Hawley was a Dartmouth graduate of some football notoriety.  When it opened in St. Charles, Illinois, it went into a rapid expansion, employing over 130 employees within its first three years of operation. 

Its advertising appropriately describes and touts the virtues of the Newcombe Hawley Drum speaker.  “The Newcombe-Hawley Drum Speaker is a compact reproducer of exceptional quality and volume.  The Newcombe-Hawley Drum Speaker is ruggedly constructed throughout and beautifully finished.”   It was true then and it remains true today.

The Newcombe-Hawley Drum iHorn remains exquisite.  It is a material expression of timeless grace.