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The Peerless iHORN is a beautiful mahogany reproducer which is circa 1928.  It is a table top Cathedral speaker.  This is a permanent magnet reproducer (speaker) made by United Radio Corporation of Rochester, NY.

United Radio Corporation was established in 1922 to build radio components. In August 1928, United Radio became a subsidiary of United Reproducers Corporation. Reproducers had a variety of business lines under the presidency of Jesse B. Hawley. Newcom-Hawley Inc., the Buckeye Incubator Company and the National Brooder Company completed the lineup.

Hawley presided over a business empire that built egg incubators, brooders, radio cabinets, speakers, public address systems and photo printing equipment. There were five factories, three foreign branch offices, thirty-five foreign distributors and a thousand employees. The company failed in December 1929, a victim of the Great Depression.

If you have seen the movie “Unbroken,” you have seen a Peerless radio speaker which the family huddles around to listen to their son’s performance in the Olympics.

The Peerless iHorn is a piece of American history, a symbol of its strength, and a foreshadowing of the continued prominence in the world of technology and development.  It is subtle, yet stately.