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The Phonette iHorn couples a 1946 Personal Music Inc., of  Newark, New Jersey Model F Phonette coupled with a late  1910’s Model T horn.  The Phonette was considered a forerunner for the ipod or other personal music players as it was not designed to project into large spaces.  These devices were table top units or alternatively hotel bedside up-sale revenue generators.  Like pay-per-view, the Phonette was a pay-for-use device which increased the income for the owner while at the same time improving the atmosphere for the customer.  The Personal Music company started in 1940 to manufacture and place a few units, but remained largely inactive during the war years.  On May 1st, 1945 they started again to produce the Phonette and other studio equipment.

The Phonette iHorn is an example of post war optimism and growth.  It was small with a large impact and remains highly collectible among jukebox collectors and similar afficiandos.  It played a part in post war population growth and the optimism which swept over America.