The Blow Torch

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The Blow Torch iHorn is made from a vintage Craftsman blow torch.  This Craftsman Torch was made in approximately 1936.  The man credited with creating the very first self-acting blowtorch was a Frenchman, Théodore Pierre Bertin, who registered his invention during the period of the French Revolution in 1798.  Blowtorches remained essentially the same, burning fuel rather than gas, until the 1950's when the first propane torch was invented. 

Craftsman Tools were the brand of Sears.  A man by the name of Arthur Barrows was hired by Sears in 1927 to be the head of their hardware department. Arthur came up with the idea of creating a brand name for Sears that would set it apart from other manufactures. The name "Craftsman" was being used by Marion-Craftsman Tool Company. Arthur liked this name and offered to pay Marion-Craftsman Tool Company for rights to use the name. In order for a tool to be marked with the Craftsman brand, the tool would have to pass a very rigorous set of standards. The Craftsman brand was first used on a line of saws. 

The Blow Torch is flamin’ hot.