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The Quali-Tone iHorn is a one of a kind iHorn made from a 1923 Style E Duro Metal Products Co. horn. It was made in Chicago, Illinois. It’s probable initial price was approximately $7.50 as all other Duro Metal horns sold for that same price. Its matte black finish is a reminder that fashion is cyclical, so decide your style and stick with it and every twenty years or so you will be at the height of fashion. Duro Metal was a maker of woodworking and metal-working machinery, established in 1917, but really started to pick up steam in the early 1930s with the decrease in cost of small motors that enabled "portable" (i.e., not driven by line-shaft) machinery. Duro machines were aimed at the light industrial and high-end home users. Duro's lathe was sold by Montgomery Ward. The company survived to at least 1981. The Quali-Tone iHorn is a small but extremely valuable piece of radio horn history. It’s patina once again reminds us that age is beautiful when viewed with the correct lens. It is a reminder that good things come in small packages and even the smallest of us has a voice.