RCA Victor FH

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The RCA Victor FH iHorn is made from a  RCA Victor FH radio horn made between 1923-1925.   The horn is rubber and produces a mellow amplification which will rock your world.  However, the horn speaker was actually made by Westinghouse prior to the RCA purchasing Victor.  Like modern drop shipping, the ultimate seller made very little in relationship to the RCA Victor FH. 

RCA was formed in 1919 as a publicly-held company owned.  By 1926, RCA had grasped the market for commercial radio, and purchased radio stations to further its stronghold on the market.  In 1929, RCA purchased the Victor Talking Machine Company, then the world's largest manufacturer of phonographs. The company then became RCA-Victor. With Victor, RCA acquired New World rights to the famous Nipper the Dog trademark. The company also created new techniques for adding sound to film. In 1931, RCA Victor developed and released the first 33¨÷ rpm records to the public. RCA was a conglomerate and symbol of American success and diversity.  But like so many strong companies, there is always one stronger, and with a few less than profitable decisions, RCA lost is controlling stronghold, was purchased in the 1970’s by GE and ultimately broken up as part of corporate dissolution.  Still, some semblances of RCA survive today.    

The RCA Victor FH iHorn represents ingenuity and survival.  It represents corporate America in a manner which remains as vibrant today as it did in the early 1900s.  It is sleek, sexy and will produces a sound which is rich and inviting.