The Jewel

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The Jewel iHorn is an early 1900’s time switch.  The patent was issued January 31, 1911 to Benjamin Franklin Flegel of Warren, Ohio.  According to the letters it is an Automatic Electric Time Switch, and which explain that it is “designed for the turning on and off of an electric switch at predetermined times by means of time mechanism and the arrangement is such that although the time mechanism be of the ordinary twelve hour type the switch will be actuated but once in twenty-four hours to the on position and then to the off position, or the reverse if such be desired. Switches of this character are ordinarily though not necessarily used in connection with electric signs which, it is desirable, should be set in operation at a certain time, and then be cut out of operation at a certain later time without the necessity of attention on the part of an operator. The arrangement of the mechanism, under the present invention, is such that the clock may run for a day, or for a week, or for a month, or. for any time, and indicate the time in the usual manner with a twelve hour dial, but the switch will be turned on once a day at the desired time and will then be turned off after the lapse of a predetermined time and will remain off until the return of the same hour on the next succeeding day.”

Regardless of its function, The Jewel is exquisite and another example of a mind seeing the need, with the skill, education and training to ingeniously invent a solution.  The Jewel iHorn is an understated example of the unique nature of American enterprise and history.