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The Remind-O-ClockiHorn is a James Remind-O-Clock.  The brainchild of cab driver Henry C. James, Jr., the James Remind-O-Clock was a useful innovation for people in various industries, from hotels to taxi services to laboratories. The electric clock’s unique feature is its mechanism for allowing multiple alarms for a single event, such as a laboratory experiment that requires the timing of various steps. The 48 small keys located around the face of the clock could be set to ring a maximum of 48 alarms or ‘reminders’ at one setting. James established the James Clock Manufacturing Co. in Oakland in 1933, and produced and patented this model in 1937.  It won commercial popularity in the motel industry where the Remind-O-Clock permitted wake up call alarms to be set for the front desk for numerous rooms, expanding the services offered to the time driven traveler.  The Remindometer is alarmingly interesting! [NOTE: IT IS NOT OPERATIONAL - JUST FOR LOOKS AND MAN OH MAN IS IT A LOOKER!]