Remo Trumpet

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Concert horn.  It’s original list price was $25.00.  If we adjust this for inflation, today that list price would equate to $391.87 with a cumulative inflation rate of 1467.5%.  In keeping with the all sound equipment of the time, Remo Corporation took advantage of a tradename “Remola” which was consistent with so much sound equipment manufacturers who incorporated “ola” into their product names. The Remo Trumpet employs a unique sunburst color scheme which separates it from every other rubber radio horn. 

The horn is a Miller Rubber Company rubber horn which was made in 1925.  The Miller Rubber Company was located in Akron, Ohio.  The company was founded in 1892 with capital of $250.00.  It manufactured rubber gloves.  By 1924, its sales were approximately $30,000,000.00.  Like so many other companies in the early industrial era, the Miller Rubber Company was a diverse manufacturer of nearly all molded rubber products, including tires.  Quite literally, every rubber radio horn was made by the Miller Rubber Company, regardless of the ultimate brand under which the horn was sold. 

The Remo Trumpet  iHorn is a gorgeous piece of American history.  It is simple yet complex.  So, here comes the sun. . . .