Rolls Royce

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The Rolls Royce iHORN is made from a brass copper and/or brass Nonpareil horn which was mounted on an early Rolls Royce.  Rolls Royce started by Henry Royce in 1884 as an electrical business.  In 1904, Royce created his first car, known as the Royce 10, which was 2 cylinders, but yet was very powerful.  On 4th May, 1904, at the Midland Hotel in Manchester, Charles Rolls had lunch with Henry Royce. While Rolls liked 4 cylinder cars, he was impressed by the Royce.  By 1906, Henry Royce and Charles Rolls partnered up with the birth of Rolls-Royce Limited.  In 1907, they released the Silver Ghost, a six cylinder vehicle which was a super smooth car of great repute. The car simply broke the mould for attention to detail, craftsmanship, and engineering.  In 1907, the Silver Ghost was declared ‘The Best Car in the World’ after its record breaking success. Travelling from London to Glasgow 27 times - covering 14,371 consecutive miles - the iconic motor car broke the world record for a non-stop motor run while demonstrating unrivalled reliability and comfort.  With the advent of World War I, Rolls Royce, Ltd. moved into airplane engines, producing the ‘Eagle Engine’ in 1914 which powered the first flight from England to Australia and the first direct transatlantic flight.  In 1929, the Phanton II was introduced, with a much improved chassis and a fuel-efficient but incredibly powerful engine. It did 92.3 mph and 0 to 60 in just 19.4 seconds. By the end of the 30s, the Phantom III was introduced, which came equipped with the first V12 engine.  

Today, the Rolls Royce is a symbol of sophistication and status.  It represents old money and history.  So if you want only the best, The Rolls Royce iHorn is for you.  So, enjoy the journey and remember that iconic innovation happens over lunch.