Saal Symphony Grand

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The SAAL Symphony Grand iHorn is made from a SAAL Radio Speaker Horn with a Bakelite Bell.  This art deco speaker was manufactured by the H.G.Saal Company of Chicago, Illinois in the early 1920’s.  This is believed to be a Symphony Grand model with an exquisite gooseneck finish which is extremely, extremely, rare.  The Symphony Grand was the top of the line.

While H.G. Saal Company manufactured beautiful speaker horns, it was a diversified company which invented, patented and sold a chassis lubrication “shooter” which was a hand held chassis lubrication injector which created 2000 pounds of pressure and turned a dirty job clean.  In the era where automobiles were king, H.G. Saal was capitalizing on the times.

The SAAL Symphony Grand iHorn is a beautiful piece of art deco which performs smoothly and loudly.  It is truly for the discerning eye with a taste for the finer things in life.