Silver Saal

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The Silver SAAL iHorn is made from a SAAL Radio Speaker Horn with a Bakelite Bell.  This art deco speaker was manufactured by the H.G.Saal Company of Chicago, Illinois in the early 1920’s.  This is believed to be a Symphony Grand model with a exquisite gooseneck finish which is extremely, extremely, rare. 

While H.G. Saal Company manufactured beautiful speaker horns, it was a diversified company which invented, patented and sold a chassis lubrication “shooter” which was a hand held chassis lubrication injector which created 2000 pounds of pressure and turned a dirty job clean.  In the era where automobiles were king, H.G. Saal was capitalizing on the times.

The SAAL iHorn is a beautiful piece of art deco which performs smoothly and loudly.