Sliver Streak

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The Silver StreakiHORN  incorporates a 1936-1938 Pontiac Silver Streak instrument cluster with a 1920’s automobile horn.  It is a uniquely special piece. 

The Pontiac Silver Streak was an iconic vehicle which literally saved the Pontiac brand.  The brain child of Frank Hershey, it was conceived at a time when Pontiac’s sales plummeted by more than a quarter million units from 1928 to 1932.  When the Silver Streak was introduced in 1935, Pontiac’s sales jumped by 179,000 units in a single year selling for $615.00.  It’s distinct metal streak which spanned the mid-line of the hood and trunk was its feature which iconically was responsible for its name.  It had flashy touches and bright colors, which appealed to consumers and secured Pontiac’s future.  The Silver Streak ceased production in 1956, but it had forever left its mark on American Automobilia.

The Silver Streak iHorn is truly one of a kind.  Its styling and look are as eye catching and attractive today was it was in the late 1930’s.  As advertised, “Spend just 10 minutes in a Pontiac – That’s enough to tell you why the Silver Streak has won America.”