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The Sparton iHorn is made from a Sparton dual air horn made sometime between 1950 and 1975.  Sparton was the automotive tradename for products made by the Sparks-Withington Company.  The Company was founded in 1900 producing steel parts for farm equipment.  They began producing automotive parts in 1909.  They began producing electric horns in 1912, marketing with the slogan “"Safety First - Sound Sparton."  In the 1920s, Sparton horns were included on 42 makes of vehicle.  By 1960, S-W was producing 6,600 horns a day. At one point, they produced horns for all Studebakers, 65% of Chryslers, and 75% American Motors vehicles.  Like many companies, Sparks-Withington greatly reduced normal production during the World Wars in order to manufacture wartime materials. In WWI alone they produced 60,000 hand grenades per day, 1/3 of the steel helmets used by American armies, aircraft engine parts, hand cranked gas attack alarms, vehicle horns, and 75 mm shells.  When the war machines ended, Sparks-Withington adapted entering the field of consumer electronics in addition to its automotive line.  In 2012 alone, the companies fiscal revenue was $224,000,000.00.

The Sparton iHorn is yet another example of the flexibility and adaptability of American capitalism and the free enterprise system.  It speaks equally to America’s love for the open road and the endless possibilities that come with any road trip.  Safety First-Sound Sparton.