Spruce Music Master

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The Spruce Music Master iHORN is a gorgeous iHORN made with a Music Master reproducer speaker.  The bell is spruce and the gooseneck is gorgeous art deco original paint.  It is the only iHorn made from a Music Master Reproducer with a Spruce bell as they are extremely rare and highly prized by collectors.

Music Master Corporation was founded in April, 1922 as “General Radio Corporation,” who changed its name to “Music Master Corporation” in February, 1924.  The Company went into receivership in 1926. 

The horn incorporated into The Spruce Music Master iHORN was manufactured as an external radio speaker.  It was manufactured sometime between 1922 and 1926.  The wooden bell is made of barrel stave construction together with a stainless steel collar mounted on the original cast iron horn, also refurbished.  Wooden horns produce a rich and mellow tone which is unparalleled.

A larger iHorn, The Spruce Music Master is the master of both amplitude and quality.  It is highly prized as an example of craftmanship and beauty, speaking easy about its art deco history.